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Massimiliano Lacota
General Secretary
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Massimiliano Lacota


59 years have been passed since in 1948 General Assembly of United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That time human mankind was still counting the 60 million victims of Second World War and the world was inexorably sliding into Cold War, and Europe was bewildered looking at the achievement of exodus or expulsion of quite 20 million people from their own homelands.

57 years have been passed since General Assembly called all UNO member States to celebrate December 10th as the International Human Rights Day.

30 articles decree inalienable human rights to health and well-being, to education, to food, to marriage and to founding a family, to take part to public life in each one country, to freedom from torture and from arbitrary arrest.

30 articles which maybe received the higher moral agreement, but, in the same time, has been violated most of time by every nation in the world. In fact, annual reports demonstrate that even more “civilized” European countries are still in the black list. Consequently, it is strictly necessary to remember every time both progresses of last years and million people still not having their natural human rights unrespected.

Close to this people are millions of European citizens who lost their inalienable right to live in their homeland, who lost the right to own their properties and who up to decades are waiting for a signal of attention, a signal of serious sharing and aknowledgement of their tragedies. Due to all this, I appeal to governors in Europe and to international Institutions to obtain from them a conscious and decisive effort in restoring all these unrespected rights by an institutional confrontation process, nowadays deferrable no more.


On International Human Rights Day, December 10th, 2007, Massimiliano Lacota, UESE’s Secretary-General, stated the above words.

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