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Dear Mr Derjabin,

I was really delighted of your quick response. So, I'll try to do the same in a respectful and interested way.

First of all, my conclusion of the Soviet interest to change Finland's internal political system to a communist one, is based on a large various of authentic documentation. You can find a lot of that in my book on president Kekkonen. This ideological aim once put into reality, under dictatorship of proletariat, would have given result for many consequences. I will not try to list here what all would have been possible in Finland then. I just gave one possible consequence. While the class-struggle against Finland lasted, up almost to the end of the Breznev era, there are good reasons to state that the Soviet Union did not give up to overtake Finland.

The Soviet Union was an one party country with one state ideology. So, all of her representants were - more directly or less - working for one goal, defined by the Communist Party of the SU. There are plenty of material in different archives explaining the ideological goals of the Communist Parties, among others. the Communist Parties of the SU and of Finland. There are plenty of papers on negotiations between those parties etc, etc.

All archives give one kind of answer: Finland was under special communist treatment during the Brezhnev era. What was the situation before, would take here too much of place. But the attack of Stalin on Finland in November 1939 cannot be interpreted otherwise, but as a Soviet expansion.

Secondly, concerning your personal role, I appreciate your modesty. Anyhow, your profile as a public person in Finland is so high, that you easily fulfil all criteria to be a subject of scientific research. Already your books as Komissarov created large discussion in Finland with many consequences. Rare were Soviet diplomats who have given such an intellectual and intelligent impact on Finnish public discussion. I think, that personally you can be very proud of that. I don't mean that just I would do a specific study on you. I only mean that you absolutely deserve such a research, of course, on an impartial and analytical way. Of course, your testimony of your activities concerning Finland should be saved, absolutely.

While you were with talent working for the Soviet Union; many Finns were of the opinion that getting too close to the SU, was not in the interest of the majority of Finns. They love their free way to live and act in their country and to have different political parties to deal with.

Thirdly, I fully understand that your country is interested in the discussion in Finland on Nato, Carelia and results of gallup-research which reveal an attitude which don't please you. There I only encourage you to an open and sincere discussion to change things. As you know, Nato is for time being solved for Finland. As decided by our President, Mme Tarja Halonen and the Government, Finland will not now seek for membership in the Nato.

Secondly, the Karelian issue is really lively in Finland, and there are all reasons to speak of it. It is the home of our families, called in Russian, a Finnish 'rodina'. The loss of Karelia, far larger of what the Red Army was able to take during the Winter War and after, is an everyday direct matter for one million of evacuees and their descendants. Karelian issue is not a nostalgic one, but of hard actuality. It was a result of a powergame of two dictators, Stalin and Hitler. They were then friends, under stipulations of an agreement signed in August 1939, open and secret.

For example, when we study our family history - every one has a right to do so - we quickly need to go to Karelia, now under Russian rule. It is a fact of life. I am prepared, my family roots going deeply to Koivisto, to discuss openly, what kind of future would be best for Karelia, and to take into account our interests, as well. Why not finding out a lasting result? And to examine what kind of interesting other matters could be connected to all this, to a real good for your people. I think that the idea of Nothern Dimension must be connected to this matter, after the bilateral discussions on concrete questions between our two countries have positively ended.

I am sure, we can together change the results of coming gallup-researches, not only in Finland, but elsewere, too. They'll show: the Russians are our friends.

I really respect your freedom of expression, and I sure you'll do the same to me.

Best regards

Jukka Seppinen

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