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This text is a direct copy of Mr. Zoltán Lemhényi's letter to UN:
Másolat Lemhényi Zoltánnak az ENSZ Háborús Törvényszékéhez írt
> levelérõ:


To the Court of Justice of the European Communities
UNY No.: UNY/…/TRIsto

Stockholm, 20 August 2002, on 60th Anniversary of UNY NGO and its world peace mission

Right Honourable Members of the Court,

Hereby we are making a statement of claim on behalf of an international NGO seated in Stockholm, focusing our attention on a nation reduced to a long standing suffering in the middle of our European Continent due to an 82-year-old act of injustice:

1, As is held by the many-thousand-year-old yoga ethics and morality, and was equally held by Mahatma Gandhi:

Nations as well as their supreme fora will have to recognize that 'Truth and Justice is the God of Peace' and that 'the God of Peace is Justice and Truth'.

2, UNY = UNITED NATIONS of YOGA had been established (in 1942) to realise the power of the God of Peace by enhancing Justice and neutralizing hatred, the root of all wars, between Nations; and by going on the way of Justice.

3, UNY has been executing this objective as a neutral organization working in the framework of UN ECOSOC since 1975 and since 1983 as belonging to UNICEF's framework, as an NGO in consultative, basing, operating and administrative status, and is, as such, hereby placing this case before the honourable international Court.

4, Ever since its foundation UNY has asked the responsible officials of the UNO either directly or indirectly to order a revision of State borders of Hungary in a Resolution by the UN Assembly in favour of the Hungarian Nation.

5, It was an outragingly senseless act, because of its injustice, to wage the utmost punishment on the minor nation of Hungarians who bore indeed the least of responibility for the Ist and IInd World Wars.

6, Whereby this Hungarian nation, ever a poising power located between the Slave and German populaces, a guardian of European balance of power through 1100 years of history bearing immeasurable sacrifice thereby, became bereft of the two-thirds of their territory and one-third of their kins as was ruled in 1920 in Trianon (the Hungarian part of the Versailles Peace Treaty) and in 1947 in Paris.

5, As ones serving neutrally and peacefully each and every member State of the United Nations, in the self-sacrificing, altruistic and humble service of the God of Peace, we are beseeching YOU to lend your immediate help so that Humankind could avert the approaching outbreak of a third world war.

(a) In the framework of that noble effort you are kindly asked to establish, within your Court, a Committee of international and neutral standing, a Committee of Ethical-Moral-, Religious and Political Matters.

(b) We will be contributing 12 suitably qualified persons to the expert hearings of that Committee.

(c) That Committee will be to decide whether the principle of equal treatment was applied or not in Trianon (1920 cf. supra) and in Paris (1947) untoward the Hungarian nation when that nation was given a collective punishment. Let us affirm that the Hungarian nation has been suffering this punishment for 82 years now.

(d) The UNITED NATIONS of YOGA'S SUPREME COURT OF JUSTICE AND HUMAN RIGHTS and for a Better World has decided that the Hungarian people cannot be made responsible for what they were forced, unwilling as they were, to act under alternating blackmail from the Nazi Germans and Soviet Russia. This forced situation was caused by the exercise of power, which is a circumstance to be accounted for by international law.

(e) UNY and its SCJ have also ruled that the responsibility of the German nation was not declared or even stated by the international military Court of Nürenberg judging the then leaders of Germany, which meant that the German nation was not found punishable.

That fact then is a bright proof for the wrongs and injustice committed against the small Hungarian nation by the Trianon (1920) and Paris (1947) Peace Treaties, as it was the least possible responsible for the breaking out of the first and second world wars, from which it follows that the rather important principle in international law of equal treatment had been violated. What is even worse, that political decision had bereft Hungary of the possibility of sustaining i.e. staying alive.

(f) UNY and UNY SCJ and requesting You to consider what has been put forward in the present plea.

(g) We also request that it should be communicated to the parties concerned before being listened, the fact that the Soviet Union or Russia, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia as parties concerned by the Trianon and Paris Treaties have by now ceased to exist as unique States and have decomposed.

On the other hand the declarations of the following statesmen and authorities on the subject should also be known: Lloyd George, H. Pozzi, Lord Newton, R. Cecil, Nicholson Harold Nitti, Bullit.

(h) The aforesaid having been considered your respectful Committee of a neutral standpoint is asked to declare that the 1920 Treaty of Trianon and the 1947 Paris Treaty of Peace concerning Hungary is not considered any more valid, as it was simply collective punishment, as that had bereft Hungarians of an equal treatment in comparison to the German people making them thereby lose an equality of opportunities, as those Treaties had reduced the innocent Hungarian nation to virtual death for 82 years up till now, which was and has been ever since, a capital punishment waged on a living nation.

Therefore those Treaties are, by reasons of fundamental justice and basic principles of international law, invalid.

A further reason for the invalidity of those treaties is the fact that the Parties that once had made those treaties, have, by now, undergone absolutely significant changes also in their identity as well as in their mentality, attitudes and thinking.
The number itself of the once Parties to those Treaties is a different one today, as has changed the area of sovereignity of practically each of Them.

6, From that it follows that one contract being invalid, the party having borne damages of it must be recompensated for those damages. Especially in such a case whereby the God-blessed nation as a whole is the suffering party.

Therefore UNY NGO /UNY SCJ asks the Court to appeal to the governments of the countries concerned i.e. Hungary, Rumania, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, the Ukraine, Byelorussia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzistan, Armenia, Georgia to attend sessions of negotiations that will undo and remake the Treaties concerned, previously mutually coordinated by the Court and those Governments.

7, Dear (Mr/Ms Justice or Committe Member), it was our duty to place this request before you in the name of our civilian and religious peaceloving communities represented by us for 27 years now at the UN in an effort to serve the peaceful thriving of all humankind, we have been compelled to do so out of a very serous worry for this difficulty of sustaining peace. The small Hungarian nation had been forced to observe one treaty, a formula of law, but this was done through mere and inhumane force, against which violent force Hungary had been helpless, had no remedy.

Hungary has been punished by an inadequate, essentially wrong treaty for 82 years, for what she had never committed.

UNY NGO / UNY SCJ as followers of Mahatma Gandhi, believing with him that Justice is the god of peace and that the god of peace resides in Justice and in the administering of justice, the earliest and fullest, we are standing up for Hungary, the Hungarian nation who has been suffering, through 82 years a punishment without délit, a nation that HAD BEEN SENTENCED TO DEATH THROUGH VIOLENCE BY THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY; and demand the Court and the Parties to those Treaties all render justice to the Hungarian nation, too!

With deep respect,
Zoltán Lemhényi
UNY NGO Secretary General
UNY SCJ Chief Justice

E-mail responses are expected to be sent to: unyz@tar.hu,
or to the postal address: POBox 21089, 10031 Stockholm 21, SWEDEN
Please further this message.

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